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Closing Shop

Just putting the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. Since CAFA has moved away from LJ to our own private mailing list, I am turning off comments and such to the group here. I am leaving most of the old entries available as an archive. It's been a great run, but with most of our membership no longer active here on LJ, I think it's time to shut our doors.

Thanks for all the years of good fun and close community ties, folks. I'm pleased you were all a part of it. Fair winds and full sails, friends. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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CAFA Picnic Update

Hey ya'll - PLEASE keep an eye on your e-mail and respond to the posts made through the mailing list. I have asked for some pretty important info involving the picnic this coming Saturday and have had next to no responses.

Guys, if you're planning on coming, please make sure you get your $5 towards foods to me by Thursday, October 14th. Also, please respond to the post about the side dishes and whatnot, okay?

Keep watching this space for the times and exact park location, okay? That will be posted before Friday night.


This is totally off topic, but does anyone else here plan on doing NaNoWriMo? Just out of curiosity. It's fun to have a buddy to commiserate with. And to prod you into keeping at it when you're banging your head against a wall.
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September Meet- Better Late Than Never!

Okay gang, sorry for the late post, but we're having our monthly meet up this weekend!

When: Saturday, September 18th, 2pm
Where: Casa Del Coyote
What: Montly CAFA meet

Same rules apply as always, folks. Bring your own snacks and drinks. I'm going to bring some cookies to share. Be sure to take/bring your pet allergy medicine if you're allergic. Yadda, yadda.

For you new folks, e-mail for directions to the Yote's place. If you've been to the meets before, you know where to go. If you need a refresher, you should contact the Yotes.

We will be discussing the CAFA picnic/anniversary celebration that will take place next month, so bring your ideas for that! Anything you want to discuss, of course, the floor will be open. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Eat, drink, and be merry!

 My fellow furries,

    I come to you with a proposition. I am looking for friend to travel with me to a wonderful event this Saturday evening.  I'm looking for companions for the Wildwood park of the performing arts Wine and Food Festival! If you are 21 and over, interested, and can afford it then leave me a comment so we can coordinate. The tickets are currently $75 a piece. I'm talking with the base to see if they have a reduced rate for military. (Meaning pay me for a reduced price.) No idea what it might be yet or if there is one. For more info check the site here:
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Upcoming Conventions

Hey gang! MFM was a blast, and now that we're all home again, I've gotten a leg up on getting the next couple of cons lined up.

Furry Fiesta is about 6 months away and Furry Weekend Atlanta farther still, but that doesn't mean I'm not already planning!

First up, Furry Fiesta is about as set up as I can get it. I have a dealer's table set up and have 2 rooms reserved. Now, each room has a hard limit of 4 people to a room, but that's to be expected with such small rooms and a cheaper room rate. I'm not complaining. I have both rooms reserved from Thursday through Monday. So far, we have myself and Akela confirmed, and most likely Cy and Yote. Jekyll and Inu have dibs on 2 of the spaces in the second room, which leaves 2 spots free. If you want to come to the con, give it some serious thought and let me know! You'd be reponsible for your own transportation to and from the con, as our con vehicles are full with dealer's gear and passengers, as well as your share of the room costs. No need to confirm anything right now, but do think about it.

Next is Furry Weekend Atlanta, which happens in the last weekend of March, typically. It's a fun con with a TON of people that show up, but it's not a cheap con. Room rates last year were $150 per night and parking could run you between $10 and $30 per day. Atlanta is an 8 hour drive each way, and carpooling would be nice. Akela and I have plans to room with Carissa and Joe, but 1 or 2 more roomies would make things cheaper. The hotel rooms are pretty roomy, too. I'm a dealer for this con, too, so I'd be dragging my gear up and back. If you'd like to join us, think about that too, okay?

Sorry if this is too soon for everyone, but as a dealer I think 6 months ahead and start planning my next few cons early. Hopefully someone will want to come with us!
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CAFA Membership Closed

Consider this a public announcement.

After much deliberation between the core members of the CAFA group, we have regretfully decided to close membership to the group. This decision was made over the course of several days of discussion and put into effect on August 7th, 2010 with 8 CAFA members present to witness the decision.

The reason the closed membership was decided on was sue to the fact that the current attending members of CAFA are meeting in each others' homes, and with more than 15 people attending meets, that number is getting to be a bit taxing on the homeowners who have graciously opened their doors to our group. As we currently do not have a public meeting option, we decided to close the membership to those who have passed their interviews and have achieved attending status.

What this means for hopefuls looking to join the meets is that unless you have contacted me prior to this posting to arrange an interview, sadly, we will not be able to accommodate your request. This applies to any and all folks who would like to join our group who have not yet contacted me directly regarding an interview. If you have contacted me about an interview prior to this, your interview will be granted (though this does not mean a guaranteed acceptance into CAFA; you must pass your interview to receive attending status.)

Now, this does not mean membership will be closed for good. If and when we are able to arrange a public meeting option that is acceptable to all membership, we will open the membership back up to folks wishing to attend. We also would like to host events that will allow us to invite the rest of the Arkansas furs to join us, like our proposed (but failed) picnic idea of this summer. We will still remain on friendly terms with all other furs in the surrounding areas. This decision to close membership doesn't mean we don't like you, it just means we're getting more membership requests than our current resources can handle.

Of course, feel to keep watching our LJ community if you so desire! You're more than welcome to keep tabs on what shenanigans we're up to.

We appreciate your understanding. Any questions/concerns can be directed to me and I will answer them as my schedule allows. Thank you for reading!

CAFA group moderator


Hi everyone... my names matt and im new to this place.... for about 6 months i thought "was i the only furry in arkansas?" well now i know otherwise... i would love to join in the group activities and meet lotsa people and explore what the rest of the furry world has to offer. but alas all thats in my town is 2 lousy colleges so employment is an issue as is getting a vehicle without employment ya know? If anyone has any advice or anything please fill free to give it to me lol
thanks everyone
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Monthly Meetup

Next CAFA monthly meet is going to take place Saturday, August 7th, at Casa Del Coyote (aka the Yotes' place). 2pm as usual. You guys know the rules.

You should all know how to get there by now, but if not, then contact either of the coyotes, as they know best how to give directions to their abode. You also all know the rules, so you're expected to follow them. Same old, same old.

Also, please note that this will be the last meeting for this summer, as there will be no meeting in September, due to Mephit Fur Meet taking place the first weekend on the month. As our core members will be at the con and will be tired afterwards, the September meet will not take place. The following meet will take place in October (details to be determined at a later date).

At the August meet we will discuss the picnic ideas once again and the movement of those plan to October. Please come prepared with any questions you may have, or any topics you wish to discuss.

For the new members of the group, Kittywitch and Glen, please contact me so I can discuss your membership and how to plan to arrive at the meet!
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CAFA Google Group Posting

Hey guys! If you haven't signed up for the Google group mailing list, I need you to do so! I'm sending messages to the mailing list that aren't being posted here, so if you want to keep up with local info, I need you to give me an e-mail address so I can send you an invite to the group.

A note to all our watchers that aren't official members of the CAFA furs: Thanks for your interest. We love that you're wanting to keep up with what we're up to. Right now, the CAFA Google group mailing list is only for our confirmed, attending members. I've removed a couple of folks from the group because you haven't met your attending status yet. I apologize, I don't mean to offend, but it was requested that the attending members only are allowed on the Google list and I had to agree. We encourage all of you who wish to become full members of CAFA to contact me and set up your in person interview when you are able so that we can include you on the group's activities!

ATM, much of our info is double posted, both the Google list and here as well, so you're not missing too much, really.

But yeah- attending members- Get that info to me ASAP so I can get you added as part of the Google mailing list! You requested we set it up, now I would prefer if you participated!